What You Should Do in Bed Being a First Timer

Your first time the sexual experience has and must be special no matter what. It is a process and failing in any of the steps, is always a letdown someone never gets to come back from in their entire adult life. Therefore, translate your thoughts and fantasies into actual actions by expressing what you feel by your actions and not shying from trying new things. We are going to look at the steps that lead you to that ultimate satisfaction.

· Both Parties Should Be Involved

This first step is where couples can share or let each other know the things that are a turn on and turn offs. Moreover, you discuss each other expectations so that you can prep your brains for the sex later on. The preparation includes imagining fulfilling her expectations in your thoughts and vice versa. It whets the appetite for the main course which is to come.

· Privacy

The moment is for two people, and to make it intimate and enjoyable, it needs some degree of discretion. The discretion is good because it gives the couple the confidence to show their bodies and arouse the partner more.

· Foreplay

There is no compromise when it comes to “getting” down on your partner. Foreplay is essential because it sets everything in motion before the intimacy. It includes talking sensually to a fellow partner, sending them a sexy message. It spices the experience by creating a feeling of desire for each other in advance so that when the couple meets, the mood will already have been set. Foreplay does not end there. Human bodies like to be prepared before the penis and the vagina meets. Proper preparation is required to ensure that when the two, unlike poles, come together, attraction and satisfaction is achieved without any glitches which may dampen the mood.

· Anal, Vaginal or Oral

Choosing among these forms of entry points to the land of milk and honey can be very difficult. And it requires proper discussion and understanding of the partner’ preference so that the partner can know which moves to apply depending on the choice of the escort. Some people like it from the back because it is tighter and warmer from that angle. Some people like it conventional, which is through the vagina but from different angles and postures for full penetration.

· Maintaining the Game to the End

To ensure that the partner is fully satisfied it important to maintain high libido so that the moment is fully enjoyed. The maintenance of the rhythm and flow of the movements and styles enhances the chances of both partners getting an orgasm.


These tips are just the tip of the iceberg. A library of what to do in bed comes from experiencing such feats on the real world.

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