Get Involved

Getting Involved with the Field Marshal Gaming Covention

The Field Marshal Gaming Convention relies on volunteers to organize games and keep logistics running smoothly.  Those who volunteer for over the course of the weekend are eligible for partial or full event pass refunds and other free swag.

Game Organizers

Volunteers provide the core game events programming. The nature of what you’ll be doing is dependent on the kind of game you’re organizing, but it’s much the same as organizing a game at home, at your community group, or at your Local Friendly Game Store:

  • Roleplaying Game: Come well prepared, ideally with an original or not-well-known scenario/module if the game uses those. Provide pre-generated player characters if at all possible. Provide player aids and cheat sheets if available, and have some spare dice / cards / chicken bones on hand if your game requires players to have these. If your game requires a Game Master, you’re that person.
  • Board Game: Bring the game. Teach the rules. Check the ahead of time to see if there are any erratas, FAQs, or cheat sheets you can print out. You can play the game yourself as well, of course.
  • Card game: See board game. If the game is collectible, and you’re not running a tournament where players are expected to bring their own decks, have a few spare, well-constructed decks on hand to lend to newcomers during the game.
  • Miniature Game: See board game. If the game uses customized armies and you’re not running a tournament, have a few prebuilt armies on hand to lend to newcomers during the game. Due to space and setup requirements, space is limited for larger miniature tournaments.
  • Tournaments of any type: Whether sanctioned or unofficial, organizing a tournament requires a lot of buy-in from you. The right amount of space needs to be set aside in the right configuration, specific materials may be required, tournament rules have to be watertight, and prizes may need to be sourced. If you’re considering running a tournament, contact the events organizers and let us know, and we’ll work with you on the details. We do not accept tournaments with separate entry fees; any possible prize support must be sourced via donations by the tournament organizer and will not be provided by the Field Marshal Gaming Convention.

To submit a game event for consideration, use our event registration form.


If you don’t want to organize games, you can still volunteer in other ways. Here are a few:

Site Jobs

These tasks depend on when you are available – much of the site work is physical. This is also the most needed volunteer position (Especially Convention Help and Sunday evening tear-down)

  • Friday evening set-up Help to lug around tables and chairs.
  • Saturday morning set-up Help to put the final touches on the set-up before the doors open.
  • Convention help Walk-about the game area, answer or re-direct questions, check that people are wearing their Player ID badges, assist with any set-up changes that may be required (moving tables, again).
  • Sunday evening tear-down and move-out Stack chairs, fold tables, clean up and clear the building of all our stuff.

Front Desk Jobs

Work at the front desk requires good people skills.

  • Front Desk/Cash Desk A full committee member is required for this position so there’s always someone “in the know” around.
  • Service Desk Pre-registered guests package pick-up, managing sign-up sheets. It’s also the information point for questions about accommodations, refreshments, directions, supplies and many more.  And on top of all that, you’ll be providing information on the games available, making suggestions for games to play, directing people to their tables, recruiting players for games that aren’t full, and generally making sure everyone’s having an excellent time. This type of support is needed at all times. Located at the Front Desk/Cash Desk
  • Prize Desk This is where prizes, certificates and the trophies are prepared before any awards announcements.

Volunteer positions are limited and you must work well with others . If you’re interested in volunteering, please apply using our Volunteer Application form.