Bring and Buy



 At the new and improved Bring n’ Buy we’re adding an “auction” format!
You, as the seller, will set a price. Then you will set a new price for 2 hours after the start of the auction, and a final price for 4 hours after the start of the auction. In this way, if someone really wants an item, they may choose to purchase it at the first price listed, right away. As time goes on, your item will get cheaper, but the potential buyers risk someone else snatching it up.

Here is your chance to sell stuff that has been gathering dust at the back of your cupboard for years, get some cash for it, and allow you to grab some bargains in turn.

Convert your unwanted games into cash, and then go and buy someone else’s unwanted games or spend your newfound cash with our vendors and sponsors! Invest a few hours in your games closet hunting through your backlog and gather a swag of goodies you are not likely to want.  For a small fee, we will advertise your merchandise at our table and hopefully make you some money!

Gamers and Dealers may also donate items to the registration desk for sale by FMGCon to support the event.

Table space is provided at the I Will Never Grow Up Vendor Table and all sales are concluded at the vendor table while you enjoy your day of gaming.

The Bring n’ Buy Event will ONLY be available on the
Saturday of the convention from 11am to 5pm.

No sales will be made outside of this time.


  1. Download the sellers form and bring it to the Event OR pick up a form from the vendor table on the day of the con and fill it in.
  2. When your form is completed you can hand it in to one of our volunteers at the vendor table. They are there to help, so don’t be afraid to ask any questions.
  3. When you hand in your form and items, you are then given a Seller ID number. This is what distinguishes you from the other sellers. This number is to be placed on each item you will be selling.
  4. Leave your items and form with the Vendor Table and let us do the work of selling them for you. DO NOT PLACE ITEMS ON THE BRING AND BUY TABLE YOURSELF!
  5. Return after the Bring and Buy event closes between 5 and 6 pm and pick up your cash and any remaining items that did not sell
    • YOU MUST PICK UP YOUR MONEY AND REMAINING ITEMS BEFORE 6PM – Any items not retrieved will be considered donations to FMGCon.
  6. Once the bring and buy table opens NO FURTHER ITEMS WILL BE ALLOWED TO BE ADDED.
    • Be on time and ready to go if you wish to sell your items at the B&B table!


  • Space is limited and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • ONLY ONE BRING AND BUY FORM PER SELLER ALLOWED. If you have more items to sell than you have space on the bring and buy form, consider a vendor booth instead.
  • Each lot must be individually tagged with a Lot Tag including your seller ID number.
  • A lot can have multiple items, but they must be bagged, boxed, tied, or in a tray to form a single lot with the appropriate lot tag attached.
  • A 10% fee (or $1 per lot, whichever is greater) is assessed by FMGCon for all items sold.
  • Sellers may collect their funds and/or unsold items after the close of the B&B
  • Unless other arrangements have been made, any lots left uncollected at the closing of the vendor table on Saturday will be considered donations to FMGCon for next year’s bring and buy event
  • Counterfeit or bootleg merchandise is strictly forbidden
  • Hand made items will not be accepted
  • Merchandise must be in good condition. If any are broken, incomplete etc., it should be reflected in the price and clearly labeled.


There will be a nominal fee for each item or lot which sells amounting to $1.00 or 10% of the selling price (whichever is greater) so please take this into account when pricing your items.  This fee is paid by the seller when they collect their money and/or items.

Each seller MUST have a valid Guest Pass for the convention.  If you have not purchased a guest pass you will be ineligible to sell your items at the Bring and Buy and will be asked to leave the premises.


Q: In the past, I’ve just brought my games for sale, set them up on my table and sold them that way. Am I still going to be able to do that?
A: Yes, as long as you have a valid FMGCon Guest Pass and are not occupying space that would otherwise be used by Guests.

Q: Why would I want to put my games up for sale at the Bring and Buy table (and incur the fee) when I can just sell them at no cost at my table?
A: Well, there are a few reasons why you might want to consider the auction instead;

  1. Visibility. The auction tables will be in the main entry area which everyone will be walking by throughout the day.
  2. An auction with a good number of items for sale will typically attract more potential buyers, as opposed to a few games laid out on a table in the hall somewhere.
  3. FMGCon staff will be on hand to manage the items, keep them safe and track their sale 
  4. The fee goes back into the FMGCon Event organization and helps to cover costs. If you value the services provided then hopefully you consider this small fee to be a worthwhile expense.

Q: If I just want to show up to check out the auction, do I still have to pay the entry fee?
A: Yes, so you might as well take advantage of the day of gaming while you’re at it!

Q: How many items can I put up for sale at the Bring and Buy table?
A: Each attendee is limited to a MAXIMUM OF FOUR items or lots to list for sale (one form)

Q. What items can be sold at the auction?
A: Any board game or board game related item, book or other media. Related items would include CCGs, miniatures and terrain pieces. Put it this way – Games or items that you would potentially see being used to play games at FMGCon can be included in the auction.