Event Registration


board game demosFMGCon is always looking for people interested in teaching, referring and hosting games at our convention; Board Games, Card Games, Dice Games, Miniatures, Tournaments, Roleplaying Games .. anything gaming related that you want to host, we’ll consider it!

If you would like to host a game, you’re in the right place!

Fill out the application below and be part of the crazy fun!

All event applications will be reviewed and those that are accepted will be contacted in advance of the convention.

Events MUST be registered no later than 4 weeks prior to the convention date to be considered and/or added to the schedule.  You will be contacted within 2 weeks prior to the convention to confirm your event. 

If you have not been contacted before 2 weeks prior to the convention this means your event was rejected.   You may email us at info@fmgcon.com for more information

  • All event hosts must pay for their Guest Pass prior to the event being accepted
  • Reimbursement of your guest pass is based on overall participation in your game and time spent hosting the event
  • Past event hosts who have been comp’d a guest pass as reimbursement are not required to purchase their guest pass prior to their event being accepted
  • All event hosts MUST agree to ad abide by the FMGCon Event Host Policies. Failure to do so will result in your event being cancelled and possible expulsion from the venue

* Items marked with an asterisk are required





By submitting your event you agree to the following terms and conditions;

  1. You will begin and end your events at the time specified
  2. You will allow only attendees with the appropriate badge to participate in your events
  3. You will not move your events from their scheduled locations or occupy more space than allocated without the approval of an FMGCon Games Marshal
  4. You understand that running events does not make you an employee of FMGCon, or any Exhibitor
  5. You must be capable of teaching the game to new players
  6. You must be able to supply the basic materials (Game, dice, photocopies, etc.) for your game
  7. You must submit an event participation form at the conclusion of your event
  8. You must pay for your Guest Pass prior to the convention (reimbursement is based on event participation and time spent hosting the event)
  9. You will host only one game at a time
  10. Participants must not be allowed to participate in multiple games simultaneously
  11. Hosts must ensure that no participants are being abusive or unsportsmanlike. Players who act in an inappropriate manner should be given one warning. If the behavior persists, the host should consult an FMGCon Marshal to intervene

(in addition to the above)

  1. Tournament hosts must have a good working knowledge of the game they are running
  2. Hosts must supply the events coordinator with written tournament rules for publication on the FMGCon web site by no later than 2 weeks prior to the convention. This must include the published name of the game, the tournament format, the scenario(s) being played (if applicable), rules for advancement (if applicable) in the tournament and how a winner will be determined.
  3. One host per tournament, with one or more assistant hosts, as necessary (as agreed upon with FMGCon Staff)
  4. Hosts may run only one tournament per year; the Events Coordinator may grant exceptions on a case-by-case basis
  5. Hosts may not offer cash prizes but may offer products, trophies or certificates as prizes
  6. Hosts must maintain a schedule of tournament rounds and stick to it
  7. Use your own discretion in allowing late arrivals. Generally, players should not be excluded if there is a way to accommodate them without inconveniencing others. Late arrivals should NOT be allowed if doing so will in any way inconvenience others
  8. Players who drop out of an event shall forfeit any prize status to alternates who take their place



The first thing you need to do is just sit down and think about your event.

  • What is it that you want to do?
  • How many people do you really think will show up?
  • What do you need to run the event (e.g. space, supplies, etc.)?

Lay out the plan for your event. If you are going to run many different events, you will want to look at them as a group as well to make sure that you have scheduled them in such a way that they won’t conflict and you’ll have time to take a break between them.

If you are a group running a lot of events, this is where you really need to take a close look at scheduling.The “smoother” you can make your schedule (i.e. spread out instead of having all your players together at once), the easier it is to find you a good location.


Once you’ve got an idea fleshed out of what you want to run, the next thing to do is actually submit it so we can review it.

When submitting your event, keep in mind that your event listing is often the only chance you have to attract players, so be as exciting and dynamic as possible. And no, typing in all caps does not automatically make something exciting.

Your title and description should be clear and concise, giving potential players a hook to attract their attention and a reasonable description of what to expect. Avoid duplicating information found in any other fields if at all possible.

Once you have filled out your event details, we will review your event and then find a location for it before we make it Active so everyone can see it.

You should get an email notification whenever your event is changed or approved, but just in case you should make sure to check back in every now and then to confirm its status.

We may need to make changes to your event when we review and/or place it. Usually these edits are for the sake of clarity. We may also cut down on the maximum number of players you requested. This is usually because we simply don’t have enough space for you or because we have historical data that suggests lower attendance for that type of event than you might expect.

If you ever have any questions or dispute any change to your event, just let us know. We’re more than happy to go over it with you. Maybe you have better data than we do or we misunderstood what you were trying to say, we’re not always 100% right.

Previous and new Event Hosts can submit games using the Event Registration Application Form link on the FMGCon website.


Prizes at FMGCon come in two categories – those given out by FMGCon and those given out by Event Hosts.

FMGCon will be willing to provide certificates for the winners of your games, and may provide a single small tournament trophy for first place (if agreed to ahead of the event date). Trophy tournaments should have a reasonable number of players and be determined more by player skill than luck. You may chose not to award a prize as well, but be sure the players and FMGCon organizers know this ahead of time.

Event Hosts are free to provide any additional prize support you wish. Rule books, miniatures, dice sets, and other gaming paraphernalia make for nice prizes. Keep in mind that you are NOT obligated to provide prize support. If you are planning to provide prizes please let us know and we will put a special notation in your game’s description… and then start beating back the hordes of players who will try to pre-register for your event.


Play-test your game if possible. This is especially helpful if you haven’t had to run a fixed duration event before. Your players should be able to complete your scenario within the time limit provided.

List everything you need to run your game and check it when you’re ready to leave for the convention. Don’t forget the “small” items such as tape measures, pens and paper, all the necessary dice, a calculator…


Even if you are only hosting an Event, please pre-register for the convention. This way we’ll have your registration package ready for you. If you are playing in other events or tournaments, pre-registering will ensure you can play what you want. (To be fair, even Event Hosts must pay admission to participate in the weekends activities).


  • Pre-registered Event Hosts should go directly to the Front Desk for your registration package.

All Event hosts are to check your game sign-up sheets and table assignments at the Front Desk. If you require assistance, ask one of our Game Marshals.


Please arrive at your table at least 15 minutes before your event (or earlier if you need time to set up the table). Players often stop by early, and if there’s no host they may just go play another game.


Collect your sign-up sheet from the Front Desk about 5 to 10 minutes before your event’s start time. Take attendance when your game is supposed to start, admitting players according to the order they appear on your sign-up sheet until your game is full.

Late players should not be permitted to bump players who were lower on the list but were present on time and were admitted to the game.


Each player must have a FMGCon Guest Pass.  Guests without a badge are not allowed to play events. Players who have no badge should be directed to the front desk, where they can obtain a replacement badge.


Please keep within your scheduled time slot. This is both for your players, who may have other events or activities between games, and to allow time for the next game.

You should run your event as you submitted it. That means running with the rules, setting, scenario, location, time, etc. as described. If your players are willing, you can make some adjustments, but they probably signed up for your game because they wanted to play what you actually listed and changing it too dramatically can very easily frustrate your players and ruin their fun. Don’t change anything without their OK.


Thank your players – they help make it great for everyone!

Fill out the winners list legibly and return the sheet to the Tournament desk whether your game has winners or not. You can remind your players they can pick up their prizes (if any) any time after their games.

Event Host provided prizes may be handed out at the table or by FMGCon. Corporate sponsor prizes sent directly to FMGCon will be given to the winner indicated on your sign-up sheet.

We are here to help!

FMGCon committee and volunteer members are always around if you feel you need some advice or input. If you have any difficulties with players at your table (and we note this is NOT common), please call on us.

Keep in mind that you are doing FMGCon and your players a favour by running the event. Your players may have opinions and/or advice about the rules or the way you’re running your event, but in the end your decisions are to be final. Under no circumstances should you tolerate abusive behavior from any players, towards yourself or towards any other player at your table. If this (exceptionally rare) circumstance occurs, please ask a FMGCon committee member for assistance in resolving the situation.


Maintain control of the game. You are running the game – not the players. It is very hard to regain control from the players.

Be consistent in rule interpretation for the entire game.

Arbitrate, Don’t argue and settle disagreements quickly and diplomatically. Continual arguments destroy the game for everyone.

Avoid favouritism no matter what the situation, stay impartial. Your respect as a game master depends on it.

Know your rules as your ability to Host events will be significantly undermined if your players know the rules better than you or if you can’t interpret the rules in certain situations. Explain any errata or scenario-specific modifications that may impact play.