Triple Play Tournament


This tournament is open to ALL attendees and can be played at your leisure throughout the course of the weekend and there is no additional fee to enter!

The tournament will consist of 3 games selected by our staff that you can pick up and play, each resulting in a final score for each player in the game.

When you play a game for the tournament, at the end of your game call over an FMGCon staff member to record your scores to be entered into the tournament.

The top cumulative score* for all three games will determine the winner(s) of the tournament and PRIZES will be awarded!

  • Each participant may only enter their score once and the first entry for each game will be your final score for that game.
  • All players in each game played will be entered regardless of their score.
    • You cannot replay a game in the hopes of getting a higher score to be entered.
  • If a player has already been entered for that game their new score will be discarded.
    • You may play a game you have already played with others who have not entered a score, but your new score will not be entered.
  • Individual Scores are not disclosed until the end of the event.
  • Each game must have a minimum of 4 players.
  • A minimum of 12 participants (on each of the 3 games) must have entered the contest in order for prizes to be awarded.

Prizes will be provided for the top three participants;

  • First Place gets first prize pick, and so on through 3rd place.
  • Additional prizes may be added!

This is intended to be a light-hearted tournament. In the spirit of fun and good sportsmanship, cheating or rigging scores will be severely frowned upon (and will be rejected as entries and any further tournament participation in future years denied upon discovery).


Scores are to be recorded as they are counted in game. Each score will be modified to a score out of 100 (in each submitted score sheet) to determine total placing in the tournament. In other words, the person who won each game played will have a score of 100. Everyone else’s score will be something less than 100.

Actual scores will be preserved for tie breaking.

EXAMPLE of Modified Percentage Based Scoring:

  • Bob gets 123, 52 and 23 in his 3 games (total 198) (2nd place even though he dominated at game a, game c pulled him down).
  • Sue gets 100, 60 and 40 (total 200) (first place).
  • Joe gets 93, 48 and 37 (total 178) (third place)

Taking those three players same scores and turning them into percentages;

  • Bob would have 100 + 86.7 + 57.5 (total 244.2)
  • Sue would have 81.3 + 100 + 76.9 (total 258.2)
  • Joe would have 75.6 + 80 + 92.5 (total 248.1)
    • Joe did really well in the 3rd game (close to the winner) which pulled him into 2nd place instead of 3rd using just scores.

As you can see, doing really well against the top scoring player in even one game can bring you up dramatically! Nobody is out of the running until it’s over!


If there is a tie it will be broken by;

  1. Actual cumulative score (rather than modified score)
  2. Highest individual actual game score
  3. If for some reason there is STILL a tie, Coin Toss!


“But what if someone has the top score in all 3 games? Wouldn’t they automatically win?”
– Well, they would be in first place no matter which method of scoring was used, wouldn’t they?

“Doesn’t this scoring method mean you are punished for doing really well in one game but not so well in others?”
– You could see it that way. We consider it leveling the playing field.
As all games can have such a wide variation in scoring capabilities, this brings all 3 games onto an even level. This means doing poorly in one game doesn’t immediately put you out of the running!

“What if I only play 1 or 2 of the three games?”
– You can still enter your score(s) and we will enter a ZERO score for each game you did not play! Who knows, maybe you did really well and that offset the zero score you would have for game 3.

“Can I play against my friends or do I have to play against others?”
– That’s entirely up to you! This is a casual tournament – play as you wish!

“What if a group colludes and does some king making to try and win?”
– That would be against the spirit of the event, would probably become quite obvious (the same person, in the same group, winning all 3 games) and would constitute disqualification if discovered.

“How to you break a tie?”
– see Tie Breaking above.